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April 10
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Yuki app by PrincessOracle Yuki app by PrincessOracle
So ye Yuki the loli prez for the group :iconblackgale-academy:


  Yuki Akihisa

 Creature & Class 

 Witch with partial  demon blood



 Member type 

  Student council president <3


 Yuki tends to be cold during the first meeting she will most like provide a nick name for you. She thinks she acts proper though she doesn't realize she is making the person she ins conversing with feels insignificant. She is easily embarrassed at some comments but easily annoyed at other comments as well. She has a kind side to her but it takes a while for you to get to the point where she s nice to you~. She is considered a tsundere by most giving her the title Tsundere loli prez~.

Likes / Dislikes -

+Likes ice cream

+her hat seyr

+Dress in lolita

+Tea time and any sweets~

+Ice cream

+Anything shorter than her

+being picked up and placed on a shoulder

-Big flirts

-Having to work to much

- when people take her hat and eyepatch off

-having her personal space invaded

- Humans

- when things arent organized

- People pulling at her ahoge (the curl on her head)


 Yuki was a girl who was born with magical abilities which were passed down from her mother. her mother after finding out that yuki had these ability hated her for obtaining them. The mother tried to keep it from her father but he eventually found out about the girls magical abilities. The father was enraged and told the mother that the child must be killed. The girl just looking up happily at her mother holding an ice crystal didn't know what fated had thrusted her in. her mother still loving her child somewhat couldn't bring herself to kill her. She went to the nearest forest asking the magical being to take care of her young child. The yokai and forest spirits agreed and allowed the child to stay with them. The crying mother then left her child to them. After 3 long years of the young nameless girl living with them. She was content but didn't realize a human had seen the young witch living there along with the forest yokai. The word got out that she was indeed a witch and of course the village closest to the forest heard and sent in hunters and dogs to hunt after her. the forest spirits and yokai tried to make sure yuki had the time to run away but they couldn't stop the humans. Yuki was happy to see other humans hoping they would play with her. But she was wrong terribly wrong. One of the hunters lunged for her eye ripping it out. Crying yuki didn't know what had happened. Wide eyes yuki locks herself out from the world and proceeds to massacre the humans and dogs trying to tear away at her. she ends up with a few minor injuries on her arms. She was later found by her adoptive father the head master. She was dazed and locking herself up trying to kill the head master as well. But the head master held her in his arms giving her the one thing she lacked in her life. Love. he took her in and gave her the name Yuki Akihisa. She received one of his eyes and shelter and new clothing as well. She grew up with the head master and was always inside the academy. The head master thought it best to send her to school after she lived with him for7 years now. he sent her to the human world to attended school where she was treated differently because of her different colour eyes. She soon came to hate her demon eye and began to wear eye patches. The head master didnt say anything because her respected the wishes of his daughter. thus came to black gale and soon rised to be the student council president without the influence of her father. She is now spending her days in a very comedic school setting. Much more happy than she was in her past.


-Has a demonic eye

-she has a stash of manga's yaoi hidden in her room

-Her theme song… if you cant watch that just make an acc \o/ this is also her canon voice....maybe


bestfrend: Shiorin

Crush 1: Daiki

crush 2 Alex


Seyr: a demon who worked under the head master for years. He has the ability to control space and fabricate it to how he wants to. He happened to find yuki one day when he was heading into the academy and disliked her the moment he saw her because he was taking way to much of the head masters time. He used to be a teacher at the academy before yuki found a use for him and transferred his soul and abilities into a hat after he and yuki fought thus she made him her familiar. The contract they hold is yuki can use him and his abilities as long as he gets his body back one day.

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